Organizing Team Meeting – 6 Hats

Dr. Edward de Bono is a world-known expert in creative thinking. He
has published many books that introduce new techniques for
facilitating creative and productive thinking in the workplace.
Multinational corporations and indeed governments of countries have
used his expertise to promote more effective creative thinking and
decision making. The 6 Thinking Hats is one such technique. You may
find it useful to help in group work, both in this course and in the

The main idea is to have the group only “wear one hat at a time” when
considering a problem. The wearing of the hat is metaphorical. At any
one time, everyone will wear the same colour, in other words, look at
the problem at hand from only one perspective, the perspective
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Think People!!!

Nice Article written by Harshad Oak. it is about our life as Software Professionals!!!! (long one but worth reading).
Before I started working for myself, I spent some years in some of the top IT companies in
India and still have many friends working in various
software companies. I wrote a blog recruiting like crazy, about the same time last year about how Indian companies are recruiting like there’s no
tomorrow and the possible consequences. However I was avoiding writing this particular piece as it seems like an unpatriotic thing to do, to
tell the world how bad the working conditions in software companies in India have become. And there’s always the risk of excerpts being used
out of context to bash up IT in
India .
I am now writing this because I just keep hearing horror tales from the industry and it doesn’t seem like anything is being done in the matter,
so I thought I will do my bit and write.  
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